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Since Ancient Times


Tavananna Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicately produced in İzmir, Turkey. The team, takes part during all the production process from harvesting to bottling, with joy and care. It's extracted by continuous system with cold press method, on the very same day they have been picked. So these hand-picked olives lose nothing of their naturalness, healthiness and cleanness.

Cold pressed means that olive paste should not be exposed high temperatures while extracting. Cold pressed olive oils are much richer in polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamins compare to others.

Continuous system is the most up-to-date method in olive oil production.With no chemical operation and untouched processes, the method allows completely hygienic extraction. Moreover, olive oil will have a longer life since there is no contact with the air during the process.

Olives are harvested only in İzmir region. Tavananna the right to use Geographical Indication, based on both chemical and sensory tests done by "Laboratory of Olive Oil Analysis" accredited by the International Olive Oil Council..


Our mission to bring a superior quality olive oil, great value and optimal lead time to our customers throughout the world.

Tavananna Olive Oil has specially trained harvesting teams equipped with modern harvesting machines in order to transport fresh olives to the factory within 24 hours to obtain high quality olive oil. Production line operates under 26 C degree. Periodic quality testing and olive pomace drainage was performed to the olive oil stored under constant temperature, light and humidity.

Tavananna  is a taste unique to Aegean, which is achieved at a special geography, in an ideal climate and fertile soil, blended with contemporary harvest understanding and hygienic pressing methods… It is a unique palatal delight with its aroma, odour, colour, texture and of course its taste..